I welcome English speaking families for Play Therapy and Family Counselling. I am fluent in English and I obtained my Diploma in Play Therapy at British and Irish universities. Please feel free to call me at +45 2190 0180 for an uncommital conversation about your situation.

I help families where children are burdened and exhausted by their challenges. Families, where parents see the need for guidance and help through rough times. I support all of you finding your path to a balanced, joyous and resourceful family life.

Ever so often children’s lives are burdened or disturbed by dramatic changes, special needs, sorrows and incidents that deprive them their ability to cope and thrive in their everyday lives. They loose confidence in them selves. Their lives becomes a struggle.Every child has her or his own story. Maybe it is sadness, maybe anger or anxiety that tend to eat up their time? Instead of unfolding their unique, amazing potential, they are stuck and overwhelmed.

This places tremendous pressure on you as parents. Not just to hold and support your troubled child, but also to care for your own confusion and worries – while trying to find the right path for all of you through the stress and the pain. If you are partners your relationship might be challenged too. Because the  complexities of parenting tend to get overwhelming when your children are in servere crisis.  

When you call me we have a look at your situation and what I have to offer. If you decide to continue with me, we schedule a meeting for parents and / or other primary care takers:

This will be a two hour session unfolding your current situation and the history leading  up to now. This will give you

  • Clarity and understanding – it is such a relief to reach a point where you can see it from above!
  • Advice and perspectives that will help you in the current situation.
  • Assessment of the level of crisis and tools to cope with it.

When we continue together we will embark on processes that lasts at least 4 months. This is necessary for you and your children to reach a remarkably better, lasting level of thriving, development and confidence.

In Play Therapy children experience:

* Much stronger self confidence

* Deep sense of worthiness

* Creativity meeting life’s obstacles

* Their personal path to mindfulness

* Healing of sorrows and trauma

The kind of Play Therapy I offer is approved by the British Professional Standards Authority and I am registered in their accredited register, see: http://www.playtherapyregister.org.uk/practitioner-details.php?id=49705

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By camilla on: January 26th, 2017